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About Sinyora's

Our pastas are made using durum wheat (semolina) and very little flour. All the pasta fillings and flavorings are 100% natural with no added preservatives or additives; just like homemade. As compared with dry packaged pastas, which are packed with preservatives, fresh pasta is lighter in texture and cooks in a fraction of time. Fresh pastas are also healthier than dried pastas as it contains complex carbohydrates, which helps give you energy.

To deliver you the freshest product our pastas are made daily in small batches.

Just like our pastas, our sauces are made using the freshest ingredients. We use farm fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs, imported extra virgin olive oil and the best quality imported vegetarian Parmesan cheese. Our sauces smell like Italy and taste like they were made in an Italian home because we stay true to the Italian roots by preparing our sauces in a very traditional way by chopping and hand grinding the ingredients. No cheating here!

Unlike pre-packed pasta sauces, our sauces are made with 100% natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives are added to it.

Sinyora’s offers a range of 100% natural fresh pasta sauces and freshly frozen pastas. Our aim is to serve you not just authentically delicious Italian pastas but also pastas that are healthy. We are committed to quality, freshness, creativity and Tradition; thus we only use the finest seasonal ingredients to make our pastas and sauces.